“We family members are convincing him to go to Napoli. Gattuso also tried it yesterday”


Football Napoli market – Victor Osimhen’s brother-in-law speaks, who is convincing to accept the blue and told about the meeting with Gattuso

Naples transfer market – Osita Okolo, member of the entourage of Osimhen and brother-in-law of the same, he gave an interview to Radio Goal, live on Kiss Kiss Napoli. Here is what highlighted by CalcioNapoli24.it:

“Osimhen told me that he had seen a beautiful city and seen many beautiful people. He also allowed himself some shopping, now he is deciding what to do but he confirmed that he really likes Napoli. There are also other teams on him. He then spent some nice hours with Gattuso. The meeting with De Laurentiis could help the success of the deal, but the last decision is up to the boy. He is a titan in the middle of the field, he is good at scoring goals and knows how to play the ball well, he also knows how to fit into the maneuvering actions. He is complete as a footballer. He wanted to come to town about a month ago, but he lost his dad and failed. The club authorized the boy to travel to Naples and he took advantage of it. We of the family are pushing for Naples, ours is a work of conviction as Gattuso also tried to do. ”

Victor Osimhen

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