we did not understand to what extent the entire world sport was robbed then – RT in Russian


Two-time Olympic champion in artistic gymnastics Lidia Ivanova told what emotions she left in her memory at the 1980 Olympics, held in Moscow.

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“Probably victoriousness. No matter how much you want to laugh at me now, all of us, both coaches and athletes, were brought up in such a way that we did not even understand to what extent the whole world sport was robbed then, having gained such an insane number of medals. We liked that we were the strongest, we liked these letters “USSR” on training suits, even if foreigners called them “si-si-si-pi”, and made fun of us. And the exclamation mark at the closing of the Olympics, when Mishka flew away, knocked out a tear from both fans and enemies, even if they don’t admit it now. And that was our exclamation mark! ” – said Ivanova in an interview with RT.

In total, Soviet athletes won 195 (80 gold, 69 silver and 46 bronze) medals at the 1980 Olympics.

Previously, Ivanova recalled how the central Romanian newspaper came out with photographs of Ceausescu, Comaneci and her image.

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