We checked: Is the IDF recruiting soldiers for Corona hotels on WhatsApp?


This is the hottest WhatsApp post in the last few hours on WhatsApp. The Home Front Command, according to a statement issued by dozens of large groups across the country, is looking for reservists to serve in the Corona hotels that are expected to be built soon. The telephone number of Commander “David Meir” was attached to the message along with a request “You can share with friends who are on reserve.”

The announcement was as follows: “The Home Front Command is preparing to open more Corona hotels and needs reservists to set up the formation. There is a double opportunity here: both earning capacity for the unemployed among you and working with a real mission and helping the country on such challenging days. And soul players. High priority over the age of 35. Those interested are welcome to contact David, “along with a phone number attached afterwards.

Hundreds passed the message verbatim from group to group, and many tried to call the attached number, but on the other side waited for a busy or disconnected sound. Messages from “Israel Today” were also not answered until the moment the news was published. Along with the many who passed on the message, it should be noted, there were those who doubted that this was a real message.

An examination by “Israel Today” shows that this is Pike News, which comes from the most surprising place that can be – the Corona Hotel “Jerusalem Gates”. It is not clear exactly who sent the message – a soldier or a resident of the place, but it can be said with certainty that this is not a real message.

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