Waze is updated: new maps and more colorful moods


Waze It is one of the most used navigation applications by users, thanks above all to the strong sense of community that the developers have managed to create in recent years, so as to convince Google to buy it. The app has just registered a great result: beyond 130 million users who use the app daily and to celebrate this result, an important update has been released, which changes the user interface and brings some news.

The developers have focused on the more social functions present on the app, starting from Moodsor the Moods that represent the driver’s alter ego. They have been 30 new ones added which allow users to express their mood. Are you stuck on the highway due to a kilometer queue? Then the most suitable Moods is the Zen one. Improvements also for the user interface, made simpler and above all “more colorful”. Maps have also undergone changes to make them more suitable for new user needs. The update of Waze is being released these days and is available to everyone.

Waze, all the news of the update

New Moods, new icons for reports, more colorful interface and a new logo. Waze remade the look to celebrate 130 million daily users. And precisely the users have been put at the center of this change: every new functionality and graphic modification has been decided together with the community.

They were over 3o new Moods added (the Moods), the smiley faces with which motorists can show their mood. Each new Moods perfectly depicts how a person feels while driving or queuing on the highway. New moods include Green, Skeptic, Auto sickness, Zen and Robot. New ones will be added in the future. To select a new mood you need to access My Wave, tap on My mood and all the Moods to choose from will appear.

Graphical changes too, with a more colorful user interface and new icons for report problems on the roads. Finally, the new logo that follows the app’s new stylistic choices has also been inaugurated.

How to download the latest version of Waze

For get the latest version of Waze with all the graphic and functional updates, you need to access the Google Play Store and the App Store and download the update. In case it is not yet available, you have to wait a few days for it to be released for everyone.

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