Watch: The police chase ended with a jump from a bridge of tens of meters


The activity of the Border Police detectives of the Israel Police against a squad of car thieves led tonight to the arrest of 2 suspects and a police chase after a third suspect who during his attempt to escape from the police jumped from a bridge tens of meters high.

Border Police detectives who have been working in recent days to thwart car thefts in the center of the country tracked down a squad of thieves tonight. Another of the suspects who allegedly stole a vehicle from Ganei Tikva developed a police chase during which the suspect struck the vehicles, civilian vehicles, endangered human life and refused to stop.

During the chase, the suspect entered an unused road leading to Rosh HaAyin when at a certain point the suspect stopped the vehicle, got off it and jumped from a railing to the side of the road. It was a bridge tens of meters high from which he jumped in an attempt to escape from the police.

The forces located the suspect, a resident of Kfar Qassem in his 30s, called an ambulance and he was evacuated in a very serious condition to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva.

After he was evacuated, the police arrested two more suspects in their homes in Kafr Qassem on suspicion of aiding in the theft of the vehicle.

The Border Police attributes a large number of car thefts to the cell, and the detention of the two suspects arrested in Kafr Qassem was extended today in the Magistrate’s Court in Petah Tikva until Monday.

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