Watch Dogs 2 for free, here’s how to get the gift from Ubisoft –


Watch Dogs 2 for PC can be downloaded free as a gift for those who followed the Ubisoft Forward event yesterday and the company has clarified now how it is possible to redeem the game for everyone, following a procedure through a special portal.

Yesterday evening there were some technical problems with the servers Uplay due to the high turnout in the past few hours, therefore many are still without their copy of Watch Dogs 2, in any case just go to this page to get it.

Basically, it’s about registering or logging in with an Ubisoft account and automatically you will get a copy of Watch Dogs 2 for PC in your Uplay library.

The PC version Watch Dogs 2, however, supports various Nvidia technologies such as Ansel, G-SYNC, GeForce Experience, HBAO +, HFTS, PCSS, SLI, Surround, and TXAA, in addition to having frame-rate without cap and support for resolution up to 4K beyond additional options between FOV selection and sharpness, with the further addition of the Ultra Texture Pack.

During the Ubisoft Forward, however, the new chapter of the series was shown, of which you can get more information by reading the tried and tested of Watch Dogs: Legion.

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