Watch cinema films online much faster after premiere


Universal Pictures has signed an agreement with cinema chain AMC Entertainment Holdings to accelerate the online debut of films, The Wall Street Journal reports. Universal films are said to only hit theaters for 17 days, after which they can be viewed online immediately.

The movie period of a movie is normally much longer. Universal Pictures ran his films on average 75 days before they became digitally available. The company publishes a large portion of the Hollywood blockbusters every year.

The deal ensures that video platforms can offer new films much sooner. It will probably take a while before streaming services such as Netflix can show the same titles: usually films are offered for sale online first, after which they are only added to subscription services later.

Global impact

AMC Entertainment Holdings has movie theaters in the United States, but it is believed that the deal will also impact movie appearances in other countries. Because Universal Pictures releases its films digitally faster, cinemas in the Netherlands, for example, may also have to adapt.

The film companies respond to this last spring, in which many cinemas were closed by the corona virus. Universal Pictures therefore released its feature film Trolls World Tour online much earlier, which led to criticism from AMC Entertainment. The cinema chain feared that this would lead to a loss of turnover.


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