‘Washing distance, mouth mask and hands can conquer corona’


Research by UMC Utrecht shows that the coronavirus can be controlled if people keep a distance of 1.5 meters, wash their hands often and wear a mask. The condition is therefore that one distance is kept and that there is a mask on the face. This reports the Algemeen Dagblad.
A mathematical model shows that washing hands reduces the risk of contamination, that mouth masks reduce a person’s contagiousness and that keeping the distance away from virus spread is minimal. Separately, these measures are not enough to curb the pandemic, but together they do.

UMC Utrecht researchers say that people worldwide must adhere to these three measures, otherwise lockdowns will follow everywhere due to the increasing number of infections. It is important to stick to this until there is an effective and safe vaccine.

Mask protects the risk of virus transmission

Incidentally, this is not about mandatory use of mouth masks, but voluntary use. “Our model shows that the risk of virus transmission does not have to be reduced to zero in order to have an effect. However, it has been established that mandatory use of mouth masks reduces the risk of virus transmission. Use face masks so if you have frequent contact with others I would say. Like in public transport, or during a demonstration, ”says co-author Martin Bootsma.

By: National Care Guide

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