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That hacker are currently a big deal on Call of Duty: Warzone, it is known: but rarely does anyone have the time, the desire or simply the possibility to start a discussion with the players who use tricks. TimTheTatman decided to try it anyway, and with good results.

Timothy Betar (whose stage name is TimTheTatman) was first eliminated by the player who resorted to tricksimmediately identified him as a hacker. From then on, in spectator mode, he began to ask him some questions, to which what we could define “the interviewee” answered yes and no by moving the view in certain directions, indicated by TimTheTatman. A sort of conversation at the Oujia table, in short, but better than nothing.

The player in question had the Damascus skin for his assault rifle and his Kar98: it is very difficult to unlock, but he has sworn he has obtained it honestly. He later admitted that he created a secondary account just to have fun using the tricks, an occupation that has kept him busy for about six months. He didn’t seem particularly concerned about being banned by Activision, because he didn’t react in any way when TimTheTatman said he would no doubt report it.

This little adventure (which you can also find in the video shown below, obviously in English; starting at 4:30) reminds us that Activision should really provide an effective anti-cheat system to Call of Duty: Warzone. Recently there has been a new wave of particularly violent bans, but it is only the latest in a long series, and in reality it does not seem to have changed the situation too much.

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