Warner removes ‘blockbuster’ Tenet from US release list Entertainment


Tenet is expected to hit theaters on August 12. However, the film has already been postponed several times because many American cinemas are not yet open or have closed their doors due to the corona crisis. Nolan stated earlier this week that his film would definitely be released this summer. But Warner argued that it is more important that visitors can see the film safely, without the risk of being infected with the corona virus.

It seems that Tenet also will not go out in the Netherlands in mid-August. Postponing the film in Europe would be a big blow to the European cinemas, who are eager to show new films.

James Bond

The corona crisis hit Hollywood very hard. Analysts predict that the film sector will ultimately generate 70 percent less revenue this year than in 2019. This has never happened before in history.

Over TenetNot much is known about the content, which cost $ 200 million to make. The main roles are played by John David Washington, Robert pattinson in Michael Caine. The film was shot by the Dutch cameraman Hoyte van Hoytema. The past few months have also seen many other major films, such as the James Bond-film No Time To Die, Marvels Black Widow and the action thriller Fast & Furious 9 delayed for months or even a year due to the corona crisis.

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