Wall Street Journal: “Enough with Chrome. Safari and Edge are simply better.”


The senior tech columnist of the Wall Street Journal in article he urged readers to stop using the Google Chrome browser, explaining that Safari and Edge “are simply better”.

“Of course, Chrome boasts a market share between browsers higher than Firefox, Safari and Edge but all of these have actually become quite valid in recent years,” explaining that Microsoft Edge – based on Chromium (the same “engine” of Chrome) , is superior in terms of performance and battery consumption and is also available for Mac.

“In my test week, Edge on WIndows used 5% less resources than Chrome; Safari used 10% fewer resources in my tests on the Mac. Firefox, unfortunately, required the same power as Chrome.

Google has promised that it will solve the problems of excessive battery consumption, especially on Mac, improving the problem of card throttling, giving priority to active cards and limiting the drainage of resources by the cards open in the background. These improvements should reflect a significant impact on battery and performance.

The Google browser has been repeatedly criticized for the use of RAM memory, for the excessive consumption of the battery, the CPU and for privacy issues (the last controversy is the tracking even when the Incognito mode is active).

In May of this year, Google started testing tools that should limit invasive advertisements that excessively consume the resources of mobile devices, such as battery, with new features that should be ready by the end of August.

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