Wage increase and “Corona grant”: the agreement with the social workers


The social workers reached a series of agreements with the Ministry of Finance last night (Wednesday), which officially led to the end of the long strike they took. According to the agreement that has been formed, the social workers will receive an upgrade in their salaries in two stages – one in August and one in January 2021.

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The first step towards the updated salary of social workers will amount to NIS 200 million, according to the agreement with the Ministry of Finance. The second beat will be dedicated and will take effect this January.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance agreed to formulate a full NIS 70 million security and protection agreement for social workers, which enters the state budget base each year. All employees will receive a grant for 2021 in the amount of NIS 9,000-11,000 per employee.

Finance Minister Israel Katz said: “I welcome the end of the social workers’ strike. As I promised, we will not leave anyone by the wayside. I fully appreciate the dedication of social workers and their contribution to Israeli society during this difficult period. I thank the Prime Minister for approving the outline. “It was agreed for the approval of the government, the Minister of Welfare and the chairman of the Histadrut and the chairwoman of the organization, Inbal Hermoni, who took part in formulating the solution. We agreed on historic measures that would change the working class and allow them to continue their dedicated work under the appropriate conditions.”

The chairman of the Social Workers Union wrote to the activists: “Dear workers, you have won! Together we have led a tremendous, proud and inspiring struggle that has re-raised the horn of facts and social workers to new heights, which has instilled in all of us pride in our profession and in our power. A great struggle is coming to an end today with our great victory. ”

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