Volunteer Parish Is Suspect Of Fire In Cathedral N …


The 39-year-old suspect who was arrested on Saturday in connection with the fire in Nantes Cathedral on July 18 was charged on Saturday night on Sunday and placed in custody. Attorney Pierre Sennès reports this.

The 39-year-old suspect, a Rwandan man who worked as a volunteer at the parish, was arrested on Saturday July 18 but released the day after. The man was arrested again yesterday. The man is now being charged with ‘destruction and damage from fire’ and is being held in police custody, the prosecutor said.

The fire at Nantes Cathedral happened about a year after the fire at Notre Dame de Paris. The fire could be extinguished relatively quickly, but it caused a lot of damage, including the organ of the cathedral from 1621 was destroyed, as well as a large glass window from the 16th century and a painting from the 19th century.

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