Volotea opens its sixth base in Naples: 48 jobs


Volotea, the low-cost airline that connects medium and small cities and European capitals, inaugurated today, in Naples, his sixth Italian base. After the announcement of last October, in fact, the company’s investments at the airport in Campania materialize where, thanks to the 2 Airbus A319 allocated, the carrier aims to consolidate, for this summer, its presence with a particular attention to the offer domestic, to which are added numerous connections to Greece. As in the past, before becoming Volotea base, Naples is confirmed as the first airport in Italy, and second in the Volotea network, for the volume of tickets available. The airline’s network of routes that can be reached from Naples includes 17 destinations, 9 in Italy and 8 abroad and, for the occasion, the carrier takes the track with a special promotion, with tickets starting from 9 Euros to take off from the Neapolitan airport. .

The inauguration of the new base was made official with a special ribbon cut in which they took part Carlos Muñoz, President and Founder of Volotea, live in connection from Barcelona, Valeria Rebasti, Commercial Country Manager Italy & Southeastern Europe of Volotea e Roberto Barbieri, Gesac CEO and Margherita Chiaramonte, Gesac Business Aviation Development Director.

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«After these demanding months, the inauguration of our sixth Italian base acquires a very important symbolic value: we confirm our commitment to supporting the economic fabric of Campania and, at the same time, the restarting of the entire Italian tourism sector. The official start of the activities of the new base in Naples, in addition to entailing a consolidation of our routes departing towards some of the most important national destinations, foresees the creation of approximately 48 new direct jobs. Thanks also to the consolidation of hygiene measures and safety protocols adopted at all stages of the journey, we are able to guarantee even safer and cleaner flights, offering a healthy environment to protect the health of passengers and crews. On behalf of all Volotea, I would like to thank the local authorities and Gesac management for their support, “said Carlos Muñoz, President and Founder of Volotea.

«The inauguration of a base is one of the most significant moments for an airport and in this period it is even more so. In the delicate and complex phase of the restart, Volotea confirms itself to be a strategic partner and first carrier in Naples by number national destinations and Greek islands. This operation responds to our main objectives: to restore connectivity, contribute to the recovery of the tourism supply chain, generate jobs and stimulate the economy that gravitates towards the Neapolitan airport. We are ready to welcome passengers with innovative and passenger-friendly health security measures using the most advanced technologies on the market “commented Roberto Barbieri, CEO of Gesac. Last update: 20:16 © RESERVED REPRODUCTION

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