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After updating the amount of Giga, Vodafone has officially added the new offer cut Giga Reload 20, which recharges 19 euros on the SIM with 1 euro for additional data traffic against a cost of 20 euro. News coming also for some service cuts top up at the cash desk.

As already anticipated by MondoMobileWeb, the new Giga Reload 20 officially entered into force from 9 July 2020 and is available in tobacconists, bars, newsagents and ticket offices such as the Lottomatica and SisalPay centers.

With the introduction of this new special Vodafone top-up, in the same sales channels the standard refill of 20 euros is no longer available.

The new Giga Ricarica 20 offer will also be included among the cuts available with the functionality top up at the cash desk starting from 14 July 2020. In this way it is possible to generate a barcode via the My Vodafone app (top-up section) to be taken to affiliated supermarkets and shops.

In addition, always starting from 14 July 2020 through the service top up at the cash desk it will also be possible to make one standard refill from 13 euros, while it will come contextually elimination of the standard refill of 20 euros.

With this novelty, from 9 July 2020 the Vodafone Giga Reload currently available are the following:

  • Giga Reload 5, at the cost of 5 euro with an effective top up of 4 euro and 5 Giga of data traffic for one month;
  • Giga Reload 10, at the cost of 10 euro with an effective top up of 9 euros and 5 Giga of data traffic for one month;
  • Giga Reload 20, at the cost of 20 euro with an effective top up of 19 euros and 5 Giga of data traffic for one month.

In all these cases, the cost of 1 euro reduced by telephone traffic is preparatory to the activation of the new promotion, available from 6 July 2020, with 5 Giga of additional data traffic valid for 1 month (previously 3 Giga for 1 month). In the event that the customer purchases two Giga Reload on the same day, they will get in total 10 Giga valid for one month.

The 5 Giga offered with the Giga Reload can also be used in EU Roaming and are automatically deactivated at the end of the month of validity.

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top up at the cash desk

If you need a 20 euro top-up but you don’t want to make a Giga top-up, please note that it is always available too l’alternativethat is the standard 20 euro top-up cut with 20 euros of traffic included, but only in mode PIN in the clear.

The recharge with PIN in the clear, unlike standard telematics, it is very similar to scratch card, so no need to communicate the number to be recharged to the dealer.

In fact, by requesting the PIN top-up, the shopkeeper will simply have to print a receipt which will report a 16-digit code, to be used with the number 42010 to top up the number you want.

Therefore, in addition to the 5 and 10 euro PIN recharge cuts already mentioned, it is also possible to make a standard top-up of 20 euros, always using a PIN.

Vodafone therefore continues to market the so-called “Special refills”, despite AGCOM’s warning to operators who had implemented this type of conduct (ie Vodafone, TIM and former Wind brand). However, Vodafone had never stated that he wanted to completely eliminate Giga Ricarica, but only that would have brought back those standards.

In the event that a special recharge is made unconsciously, as already told in detail, the operator also provides one refund procedure.

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