visit of Deputy Minister Sileri to the Pediatric Research Institute


“When I see such beautiful structures I really think that Italy is competitive. We tend to always look outside our country, as if everything else was better, but the beauty is here and this center is an excellence even outside national borders “. So Pierpaolo Sileri, Deputy Minister of Health, at the end of the visit to the Città della Speranza Pediatric Research Institute, held in the late afternoon of Friday 3 July (after the one at the Padua Hospital) «to hear what is being done at the local level and project it from a national perspective ».

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Welcomed by the scientific director, Prof. Antonella Viola, and by the managing director Andrea Camporese, the deputy minister Sileri was accompanied in some laboratories where the researchers illustrated the main researches they are carrying out: among these the tissue engineering applied to the study congenital diaphragmatic hernia, a disease that affects one infant every 2,500 and is characterized by the formation of a “hole” which, now, aims to repair with a biological “patch”. Adds Sileri: “I am not hiding a bit of envy because, in this brief political period, I am happy to be a researcher. Here excellence is made of research and training “. Final comment from Professor Viola: «We are happy that Deputy Minister Sileri has visited us. It is a sign that the Pediatric Research Institute is a reference point for the national health system and is a satisfaction for the good work done in Covid-19’s time on the research and communication of science “.

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