Virus, Catalonia orders lockdown in eight municipalities. Florida, over 15,000 cases. Curfew in the West Bank


Coronavirus, record at daily cases of Covid19 globally: they far exceeded the 220,000 mark last Friday, setting a new record since the start of the pandemic. This is what emerges from the World Health Organization website (WHO), which in just 24 hours on July 10 recorded 228,186 confirmed infections worldwide.

This is the last definitive figure so far available on the organization’s website, as yesterday’s tally – of 219,983 confirmed cases – is still provisional. Last Friday the increase was 23,219 cases compared to Thursday, equal to 11.33%. In addition, 5,568 people died from coronaviruses worldwide on Friday, while yesterday’s provisional figure indicates 5,286 deaths.

United States. Florida has reported at least 15,299 new coronavirus cases in the past 24 hours: it is the highest number ever recorded by an American state since the start of the pandemic. Cnn reports it.

Spain, Catalonia. The Catalonian government has ordered total confinement in the city of Lleida, which has nearly half a million inhabitants, and in seven other municipalities in the Segrià area, due to an uncontrolled coronavirus outbreak. The population will have to stay home except to go to work or other necessary travel. La Vanguardia reports it. Catalonia has recorded 816 more infections than yesterday. In hospitals in Lleida province they already have more than a hundred patients hospitalized for Covid-19, reports the Department of Health. The new cases in the Barcelona area, El Pais reports, have multiplied by four in the last 12 days.

Middle East. To combat coronavirus infection, the government of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) has declared a ban on the movement of people across the West Bank for two weeks, between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. The spokesman of the Ibrahim Milhim government said that travel between the various governorates of the territories is also prohibited for two weeks. “All villages” affected by the infection and “refugee camps” are closed as well as weddings, public events and gatherings are prohibited.

Minister Speranza: “Line of prudence and graduality”. “220 thousand infections covid in one day worldwide. Never before has such a high number in just 24 hours. This tells us that it is not won and that everyone still needs attention. We must continue to follow the line of prudence and graduality ». So in a tweet the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza.

The United States mark a new daily record in infections from Covid19: according to data released by Johns Hopkins University, in fact, yesterday there were 66,528 cases in 24 hours, a figure never reached before which brings the total number of contagion from the start of the pandemic to 3,242,073. THE dead instead there were 760 for a total of 134,729.

Covid, Minister Boccia: “Always ready to close areas, the country should not underestimate the virus”

United States, frost between Trump and Fauci: they haven’t talked for two months

Over 12,700,000 cases worldwide

There are 12,721,778 confirmed cases of contagion from Coronavirus in the world. This is the latest updated report provided by the John Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center. The deaths recorded globally, according to the same source, are 565,218.

Trump, first time in public with the mask

Donald Trump he used one for the first time in public mask against the coronavirus visiting the Walter Reed military hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, a few miles from the White House. The images were broadcast on US television. Previously, the president had used the mask while visiting a factory but in a private area, although photos and videos had also arrived.

Still over 1,000 deaths in 24 hours

It shows no sign of diminishing the daily death toll from the coronavirus in Brazil, which yesterday once again crossed the one thousand mark, reaching 1,071: the country’s health authorities have announced it, according to CNN reports. The total number of deaths thus rises to 71,469, equal to the highest level in the world after the United States (134,814). In Brazil, there have been over 1,000 deaths per day due to the virus since the end of May. Meanwhile, the cases of contagion rose to 1,839,850 yesterday, 39,023 more than last Friday.

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