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Vincent Wevers denies ever hitting or kicking gymnasts. The gymnastics coach has been accused of physical abuse by several former pupils in recent days.

“I have never used physical violence in my entire career, which is a very harsh allegation,” Wevers told the Friday. WE. “I don’t want to go into any further details, we’ll leave it to the investigation to find out where the truth is.”

The bond trainer responds for the first time to the strong accusations against him. Former gymnast Joy Goedkoop told Sunday OUR Sport Studio that she was mistreated and humiliated by Wevers at a young age during her career. That would have happened when she trained in Oldenzaal from the age of seven to twelve.

“I was beaten and kicked by him,” said Goedkoop. “Not on a daily basis, although belittling and getting angry did happen every day.”

Wevers does not recognize himself at all in the first part of that accusation, but he regrets how he gave training in the past. “There was not much room for gymnasts to participate. With the knowledge I have now, I would never do that again. I never went into the hall with wrong intentions, but that does not mean that we did well at the time. It was a wrong time, I find that very bad with the knowledge of today. ”

As a result of all the stories of former athletes about transgressive behavior, gymnastics association KNGU decided to shut down the gymnasts’ top sports program on Wednesday. Weavers and fellow national team manager Gerben Wiersma are not allowed to provide training as long as there is an (independent) investigation into the abuses.

Wevers: ‘I have been a different type of coach since 2007’

The latest riot in Dutch gymnastics started last Friday with an interview by Gerrit Beltman with the Noordhollands Dagblad. In it, the coach confessed that he has physically and mentally abused gymnasts.

In the past, Wevers worked with Beltman. “In the early stages of your development as a gymnastic trainer you will see where you take your knowledge away. I joined the culture that was then. One of the culture leaders was the trainer we talked about,” says the father of top gymnasts Sanne and Lieke Wevers.

“The culture was hard and Spartan. I regret that gymnasts who report now mention these things and still suffer from them. I just really mind. That was never my intention, but it is there. I realize that “They are right, because that’s how they experienced it. If it helps, I want to sit around the table with them and if I need an excuse, it will come.”

According to Wevers, he adjusted his training methods in 2007 after an investigation by his gymnastics club TON from Oldenzaal showed that he and his colleagues lacked in the way they gave training. “That has made me a different kind of coach. For me that has been the turning point in my career.”


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