Videos of partying Conner Rousseau cause a stir on …


Videos of a partying SP.A chairman Conner Rousseau who does not seem to take the corona measures so closely circulate on social media. The videos date from last week, Rousseau confirms, and were taken during his brother’s wedding. “But everything was completely organized through the corona rules,” he emphasizes.

The right-wing satirical site It’s Scheldt was the first to unpack with the videos this weekend. They show Rousseau dancing on a yacht and one where he goes crazy at a party. The DJ on duty is TV presenter Kobe Ilsen, assisted by Viktor Verhulst who whips up the audience and introduces the SP.A chairman. We also see Rousseau singing along with a Samson & Gert-lied.

The images are eagerly shared on social media and also cause some commotion. Rousseau regrets that. “I don’t understand that this is suddenly news now. Everyone knew I was going to my brother’s wedding, ”he says. “This was a private party, outdoor and organized according to the rules. Attendees even checked the temperature. ” Weddings in France are not prohibited, but a maximum of 30 people may be present. In addition, they must keep at least a meter away.

Test taken

Rousseau emphasizes that he has not taken any risks. In recent days, he returned to the camp for vulnerable young people in the youth center in Nieuwpoort, where he occasionally assists as a coordinator. Before he was there, he had himself tested for corona. “That test was negative,” said Rousseau.

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