VIDEO. The abolition of the housing tax will continue between now and 2023, as initially planned, announces Jean Castex on France 2


No change in sight. Prime Minister Jean Castex said on Friday July 17 that, for the time being, the timetable for the abolition of the housing tax for the richest 20%, scheduled for 2023, was “maintained”. “We will continue at the same pace. Therefore, the abolition of the housing tax according to the schedule (planned) will be maintained”, said on the set of “20 hours” of France 2 the head of government, while Emmanuel Macron had mentioned on July 14 a possible postponement.

“The housing tax is a tax that goes down. The question could have been raised as to whether we shifted the pace a little” from the drop, he added. “To date (…) we will continue at the same pace, so the abolition of the housing tax, according to the schedule (planned), will be maintained”. More “here again, we will adapt according to the evolution of the economic situation”, he said. “We do not think that using the fiscal weapon is a good tool to manage the crisis, that raising taxes is a good formula”, justified Jean Castex.

By evoking the idea of “shift a little, for the wealthy among us the abolition of the housing tax”, during his meeting on July 14, the President of the Republic had thrown trouble on a reform defended for three years by the executive as one of the axes of his action in favor of purchasing power.

Initially planned to be limited to the 80% of least affluent households, the abolition of the housing tax had been extended to all households after a call to order from the Constitutional Council. It therefore had to be phased out progressively for the least affluent 80% between 2018 and this year, then in 2021 for all households, i.e. an effort of around 17 billion euros for public finances.

But this first calendar had taken a hit, with the postponement to 2023 of the total abolition for the wealthiest, that is to say those whose income is more than about 2,300 euros for a single person, in the wake of the movement of “yellow vests” .

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