video of a bird catching a ‘shark’


The world of social networks is very strange, we have known it since time immemorial. For this reason, it is not surprising that one of the most popular videos in recent days is that which portrays a bird capturing what appears to be a “shark” at first glance. In case you’re wondering, the video already has over 27.4 million views.

According to reports from Business Insider and CBS, the video was shot by a native of Tennessee, a state in the southern United States of America. However, the event would have happened this week in South Carolina, more precisely on Myrtle Beach.

In any case, the video made the Web “crazy” also because of the fact that it reminds us, in some ways, of the popular film series “Sharknado”, which became famous precisely for scenes of this type. This time, everything happened in the real world.

Moreover, The Asylum, the film studio American behind “Sharknado”, published the video on his official Twitter profile. In any case, after watching the videos, some users thought that the bird, which they believed was a condor, had caught a shark. In fact, experts later revealed that it was an osprey and an Elops (ladyfish), two very common species in the area involved.

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