Victoria Beckham has to let staff go through smaller col …


The corona crisis has forced Victoria Beckham to lay off some twenty employees, nearly a fifth of the workforce of her fashion label, British media report.

Victoria Beckham’s fashion label is also suffering from the impact of the corona pandemic. Less is being sold, so the fashion label has decided to downsize the collections in the pipeline. “We’re going back to basics, which boosts the team’s energy and creativity,” said Beckham.

But the fact that there will be about thirty to forty percent less production from the next spring collection has a major impact on the number of available jobs. Not only the collections, but also the workforce is being reduced. Beckham will cut about 20 jobs in her London studio, nearly a fifth of her workforce, reports The Guardian.

Beckham faces an important turning point with her fashion label. For despite the critical acclaim, the fashion label has not been able to make a profit so far for a year, and a lot of the Beckhams’ personal capital has flowed into Victoria’s career. “If I want my brand to be there in ten years, I have to break even or make a profit,” she admitted last year. The Financial Times.

It looked rosy until March, according to a spokesperson, but sales have declined sharply since then. The fact that the fashion label wanted to call on support from the British government to pay the wages of the shop employees during the forced closure, was met with fierce criticism of the wealthy Beckham. The application was withdrawn two weeks later.


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