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Sebastian Vettel he showed up in Austria to start the 2020 season without having the certainty of having a seat for 2021. Ferrari, in fact, decided not to renew the contract of the German to whom Carlos Sainz was preferred. The end of the relationship between the Scuderia di Maranello and the four-time world champion was less sunny than the announcement issued on 12 May suggested. On Thursday at a press conference, Sebastian Vettel, questioned on the issue, said he was surprised by the call of team principal Mattia Binotto, a phone call in which essentially it was communicated to Vettel that there was no room for negotiation to continue being a Ferrari driver.

Vettel, invitation to normality

The two free practice sessions saw the Ferrari SF-1000 in difficulty compared to Mercedes and at the level of the times the reds were near Racing Point, McLaren and Renault, teams that 12 months ago could not even think of bothering Ferrari. Vettel was frank and sincere about the current situation, trusting in the updates expected in Hungary and reiterating that if in Austria there will be a fight with Racing Point, McLaren and Renault the men in red and the riders of the Cavallino will have to do everything to be at least ahead of this group of stables.

With your head held high

To the microphones of the Austrian broadcaster ORFSebastian Vettel has stated that he will honor as always until the end the team he represents on the track: “I have never had any qualms about describing reality from my point of view and how I see it, but outside I will always defend my team and will continue to do so even now.” Today the cars will be back on track at the Red Bull Ring for PL3 and Qualifying, the moment of truth, in which Vettel will try to bring Ferrari as far as possible on the starting grid on a track where a year ago Charles Leclerc signed the pole position behind the wheel of the Ferrari SF90.


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