Vettel about career switch: ‘I don’t see myself there later’


Sebastian Vettel does not see a television career for him, should he stop at Formula 1. A job with the German media is not there for him, so reports Sky Germany. The driver has other ambitions on his list.

“I don’t see myself as a television expert later,” Vettel admits. Although the German is known for his cheerful and funny attitude in front of the camera, a career on the other side of the microphone is not in it: “I like talking, but I don’t know if I would do well there.”

According to him, it is therefore much easier to just answer questions than to have to think up the questions yourself. “That is much more difficult, you have to prepare the questions and stuff. You’ll get good at that at some point, but I don’t know it all. ”

Other plans on Vettel’s wish list

The four-time world champion also has a list of things he would like to do next. If Vettel does not find a seat before 2021, he can focus on this: ‘That list will only get longer and longer. I have no time at all besides Formula 1. ” (Photo: Ferrari F1 Media)

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