Verstappen does not have to count on the DAS system | Motorsport


That is what advisor Helmut Marko said in conversation with the German Car, engine and sport. “That plan is off the table for the time being. We must first solve our problems with the chassis. ”

For the opening race of this season, the Austrian Grand Prix, Red Bull lodged a protest against Mercedes’ dual-axis steering system, which allows the wheel position to be changed by pushing and pulling the steering wheel.

However, the FIA ​​approved the innovation of world champion Lewis Hamilton’s team. Horner then stated that Red Bull was going to work on its own version of the DAS system. “Maybe we will try an even more extreme solution, now that we know that it is permissible.”

However, according to Marko, Red Bull currently has very different concerns. Where the handsome heads of the Austrian initially thought that the large backlog on Mercedes in the first three races was due to a problem with the floor, now it turns out to be a hitch elsewhere.

Marko: “After examining everything, we can say that the problem lies in aerodynamics. Something about the airflows is not right. Bending parts is definitely a point, but the airflow also breaks for other reasons. For example, because we have tried to copy the nose of Mercedes in a bad way. We will try to correct the errors as soon as possible. ”

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