VENETO, The Outbreak of VICENZA is now scared. ZERO PATIENT dead. Here is the SITUATION »


CORONAVIRUS: VENETO, The outbreak of VICENZA is now scared. ZERO PATIENT dead. Here is the SITUATION

FEAR for the outbreak that developed in VENETOIt really starts FEAR the FIREPLACE
that developed into VENETO, in VICENZA, but imported from Serbia. Recall that the contagion was generated by a businessman from Vicenza returning from the Balkan country. “The Serbian ZERO PATIENT who infected the Italian seems to have died on Wednesday“, revealed the governor of Veneto Luca Zaia on new cases in Veneto. An incredible story, that of the Italian that the June 25 he returned from Serbia, where he had gone on business, to the house in Sossano, in the province of Vicenza, together with colleagues.

He feels unwell but goes over it and, indeed, the next day he goes to work where he has contacts with several people and also attends a birthday party. On the 28th he feels worse and goes to the emergency room of Noventa Vicentina where the
Buffer reveals its positivity. At the Vicenza hospital they offer him hospitalization but he signs and refuses. A few days later he is literally pushed to hospitalize both by the health authorities and by the mayor of his country.

Now it is in intensive care, in serious condition. A behavior that pushed Zaia to report it to the Vicenza prosecutor to assess any profiles of guilt on the part of the person who, while knowing that he is positive, has spread the infection in the region. And as for the increase in the contagion index in VENETOZaia said that: “Veneto has never resumed the wave of contagions. I see that there is a sort of will at national level that is not as coherent with what has happened. The virus was not born in Veneto“.

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