Varoufakis’ delusion against Hello Darwin: “Blm get organized against Mediaset”


In this strange and absurd 2020, the controversy to which the “racist and misogynist” label is applied to the program Hi Darwin, broadcast on Canale 5, if it weren’t worrying about the “call to revolt”, it would also make you smile a little. And it is not the Italian politicized movements that point the finger at Paolo Bonolis’ broadcast. The attacks against Italian television come from beyond the border, from America and, now, from Greece with Yanis Varoufakis. And it’s funny to think that all this was born when the program, which has been on hiatus for over a year, is broadcast with a mix of replicas on Italian dishes and slow TV Saturdays.

Everything stems from a tweet from David Adler, who evidently bored in his home in Los Angeles, on a hot summer day he turned on the TV to “find Berlusconi’s Mediaset“. A legitimate research after all, which ended with the American economist hypnotized and electrocuted in front of Ciao Darwin. Man is coordinator of the political proposals of the transnational and pan-European movement DIEM25, founded by Yanis Varoufakis in 2016. Blinded by a mix of rhetoric and goodism, David Adler did not commit himself to understanding what he was looking at, even if it would have been enough to open Google for a very quick search, but he rushed on Twitter to share all the his indignation. “(Canale) 5 was broadcasting a show called Ciao Darwin, where the Italians applaud one black foreigner drowned in a container of water for the wrong answers to trivial questions. All this under the eyes of two men in elegant clothes and a dumb woman in a bikini“, wrote David Adler. Words that inevitably made Italians smile, even those who believe in the Black Lives Matter movement. David Adler’s is such a surreal tweet that not even Marco Salvati, author of Ciao Darwin, felt he was taking it seriously and replied with irony: “I’m sorry you missed the best part when kill all competitors who lost, without distinction between whites and blacks. Children like it at home“.

The controversy seemed to have subsided in a few hours but here is Yanis Varoufakis to intervene in the evening. The Minister of Finance of the Hellenic Republic has called for a real revolution against Mediaset, the crime of airing Hello Darwin: “The movement Black Lives Matter he must organize a global campaign against the latter outrage of Berlusconi’s television empire“. A surreal tweet that goes far beyond David Adler’s indignation and calls for action against one of the main television networks, for an episode of Ciao Darwin, aired for the first time more than 4 years, in April 2016. Yanis Varoufakis requested the intervention of the same movement that in the United States used violence against statues, shops and businesses in the United States, in an atmosphere of guerrilla warfare and civil hatred hidden behind the banners of anti-racism. Fortunately, at least for the moment , no one seems to have publicly accepted Varoufakis’ invitation, indeed, many have tried to explain the meaning of the program.

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