Van Ranst wants Antwerp and co to just play: “Must be able to”


The corona virus flared up again in recent weeks, especially in Antwerp, which meant that the province made a drastic decision a few days ago. Strict measures were imposed, including a ban on team sports for anyone over 18. That put a big question mark behind the training and competitions of Antwerp, Beerschot, KV Mechelen and Westerlo.

This way, the cup final and promotion final of this weekend will be endangered. The Pro League already asked for an exception for professional clubs, but Antwerp governor Cathy Berx is not planning to give it for the time being. She stated again on Tuesday that the ban on team sports also applies to the four professional clubs in her province.

Virologist Marc Van Ranst, however, thinks that an exception should be made for them. “I see that it is happening in other countries too,” he explains The last news, referring to Leicester City, among others. “It is of course teams that are tested a lot. Everyone can have their opinion about that, but the fact is that professional players are tested a lot. That reduces the risk, in terms of perception that may be another matter.”

POLL: Is there still an exception to be made for professional clubs?


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