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“The key point that emerges from our research is that we have clear evidence of the Sars-CoV-2 virus present in Lombardy in several places in mid-January, which does not exclude that it was present a little before, but not after”. The virologist says so Carlo Federico Perno, former director of laboratory medicine at the Niguarda hospital in Milan, scientific director of the study conducted with the Policlinico San Matteo in Pavia and promoted by the Cariplo Foundation. Another aspect emerges from the work, namely that “the evidence of Lodi”, the discovery of the virus in what has been defined as patient 1, “is late. In reality, the virus was already there and not only in Lodi. It was also in Alzano, Nembro and in various other parts of Lombardy “. To be precise, “when the virus was found in Codogno, in Alzano it was already there. We observe 2 clusters, 2 strains to simplify, which are very similar, but different enough to say that one has infected the central north and a others infected the south. Codogno and Alzano-Nembro walked in parallel as has happened in other parts of Lombardy, but in Alzano-Nembro he walked faster. “Regarding the establishment of the red zones, the virologist stressed:”When the virus was found in Codogno, it was already there in Alzano. So the red zone closure would have been a closure with the virus already inside, even if it had been closed at the time of Codogno. This does not mean that it should not be done, they are evaluations in which I do not enter, but know that when the virus was shown in Codogno it was already in Alzano “. Perno also explained that the virus”it is always that, it has not become more good “. “It is the most infectious virus I have ever seen and it seems made to remain, from a biological point of view. Given our hand, our research shows that its variability is scarce. So this makes us think that the virus has maintained its infectivity and pathogenicity and it is not true that it has lost potency. The disease has lost potency, yes, but not the virus, “he added.

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