Utrecht provides Sterrenwijk and Oudwijk with aed in public space NOW


The Utrecht neighborhoods Sterrenwijk and Oudwijk will have an automatic external defibrillator (AED) in public space from Monday. These defibrillators can be used when someone has cardiac arrest.

The Aed in Oudwijk hangs on the Minervaplein and in Sterrenwijk on the Minstraat. The defibrillators were donated by the Diakonessenhuis hospital, the Ondernemersfonds Utrecht and the municipality of Utrecht.

In February of this year, the municipality announced that the Utrecht network of AEDs is not yet covered. Although there are enough defibrillators in the city, the distribution is not optimal. In addition, only a small number of defibrillators are available at all times.

According to John Taks of the Diakonessenhuis, the survival rate of someone with a cardiac arrest increases from 9 to 25 percent.

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