Usa: Pompeo’s message for July 4th, our largest country in history


New York, 04 Jul 16:32 – (Nova Agency) – The commitment to pursue the nation’s founding principles has allowed the United States to be “the largest country in human history”. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrote this in a message on Independence Day. “On this date, in 1776, our founding fathers created, to quote Abraham Lincoln, ‘a new nation, conceived in freedom and based on the principle that all men are equal’. For the first time in the history of humanity, a nation recognized, as stated in our Declaration of Independence, that all people are “endowed by the Creator with some inalienable Rights, including Life, Freedom and the pursuit of Happiness.” This idea – which all human beings enjoy of inalienable rights, and that it is the duty of the government to protect these rights – it was a revolutionary political notion and a reaffirmation of the ancient and beautiful teaching that every human life is precious because it was created in the image of God. Our nation’s commitment to the founding principles have allowed our people to realize their talent and make the United States of America the largest nation in the history of humanity. To all Americans, I wish u Happy 4th of July, “says Pompeo in his message.

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