US hopes to create coalition to confront China – Tatarstan in Russian


The United States calls on the world community to unite to combat the “Chinese threat.” This statement was made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in London.

“We want every nation that has an understanding of freedom and democracy … to understand the threat posed by the Chinese Communist Party, so that they work individually and collectively to restore what is rightfully ours,” he said on joint press conference with the head of the Foreign Office Dominik Raab.

According to Pompeo, the Chinese side “dishonestly took advantage of the coronavirus crisis.”

“We need every country to rally to fight the CCP’s efforts in every dimension that I have described … We hope we can build a coalition that understands this threat and collectively convince the CCP that such behavior is not in the interest China, ”said the Secretary of State.

Earlier, Pompeo said that the United States considers China’s claims to the resources of most of the South China Sea illegal.

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