US: Democratic Party rejects condemnation of settlements as part of party platform


Less than 100 days before the US election: The amendment to the Democratic Party’s platform calling for the conditional military aid to Israel to condemn settlements has been rejected. This is an important step in Israeli-Democratic relations, given that most polls show that Democratic Party Representative Joe Biden is leading by a large margin over incumbent Republican President Donald Trump.

This past weekend, drafts were amended to amend the Democratic Party platform in preparation for the upcoming congressional and presidential elections. One of the central parts of the platform is the attitude toward Israel in foreign policy and military-security assistance. Despite this, it is likely that further changes will be made at the party’s next gathering between 17 and 20 August, where they will finally approve the platform.

This week, after we crossed the 100-day line for the U.S. election, most polls show Democratic Party representative Joe Biden leading by a considerable margin over his Republican rival and current president Donald Trump. In the first poll published by the American news network CNN, it appears that Joe Biden leads Trump by a significant margin of 11% more. In the poll, Biden receives 53 percent support, compared to 42 percent for Trump.

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