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There are already those who speak of Mattarella-bis al Quirinale, as happened with its predecessor Giorgio MattarellaBut the President of the Republic does not like this scenario and so in the sacred Roman rooms he is thinking about alternatives. Of course, there is the suggestion of Romano Prodi (complete with a counter offer of a senator’s position for life for the old enemy Silvio Berlusconi), but according to Marco Antonellis on Italy today there is also another track: “Also Maria Elisabetta Casellati, they explain in the Senate, he would not disdain being “promoted” to the Quirinale at all “.

Together in one party. A crazy indiscretion: Berlusconi-Renzi, earthquake for the center-right

The current president of Palazzo Madama would represent “the ideal candidate for Berlusconi” and could receive “approval also from Matteo Salvini with a lot of blessing from members of the opposition. Matteo Renzi in fact, it could sponsor the operation to achieve a double objective: take its place on the highest bench of Palazzo Madama and create a centrist axis with Come on Italy that can later ally with the League of Salvini “. Scenario from fantasy politics? Perhaps, but in the end also that of an agreement between Prodi and Cav which today, however, seems almost” reasonable “.

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