[Update] Garmin partly back in the air after suspected hack


(July 25 11.00) For Strava users who measure their sports performance with a Garmin device, it is no party these days. The company has to deal with technical problems, so the sports sessions do not automatically end up on Strava.

Garmin does not want to confirm that it is a hacking attack, but various media have heard that from sources within the company. It has been going on for a few days now, so many of the users are getting impatient. Imagine having to explain your cycling performance to your friends and colleagues yourself!

However, there is no need to panic for the people who attach great importance to it. YouTube channel ‘Dynamic Running Fitness’ has a three-minute video explaining how to get your sports session manually, in Strava. This way you can still top the KOM list.

Update – July 25, 2020 (6 p.m.): ‘Garmin hacked, perpetrators demand a ransom’

According to NU.nl Garmin has fallen victim to a cyber attack. The perpetrators, according to BleepingComputer demand a $ 10 million ransom from the tech company before they reverse the damage and digital hostage taking. The systems at Garmin Connect have been out since Thursday and customer service is also not available.

The hackers have committed so-called ransomware. In addition, they encrypt certain files and systems, which they only release when ransom is paid. In the case of Garmin, it would therefore be ten million dollars.

Garmin has apologized to users of their products for the nuisance they experience as a result of the alleged cyber attack on the company. In a statement, Garmin states that it is ‘working hard to solve the problem’.

The company’s website keeps track of the current status of the products and services affected. “We are currently experiencing difficulties with Garmin.com and Garmin Connect, which is also affecting our call centers. We therefore have difficulty receiving phone calls, emails and online chats. ”

Update II – July 27, 2020 (9:55 AM): Garmin partly airborne again

Garmin Connect users can breathe a bit more relieved, as the feature seems to be partially working again after last week’s suspected hack. On social media, users report that they can upload their achievements to, for example, Strava.

Garmin itself states on its website that the possibilities for Garmin Connect are still ‘limited’, so that some users may still be bothered by the problems. Other features are still down. (photo courtesy: Sirotti)

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