United States, a fight for masks


In a world where one plus one still does two the matter would be simple: there is a disease around, very serious and very contagious, which is transmitted through the drops of Flugge (i.e. the micro-droplets we emit when we cough, sneeze, talk ) and therefore, to limit circulation, a mask must be worn. Simple, easy, straight. Instead, since we live in a world where one plus one, instead of two, makes “Bismarck pizza”, it happens that wearing the mask is an option, to choose whether to join or not. A matter of identity and opinions rather than public health.

In practice (we simplify and cut with the hatchet, but not much) if you are on the left and flirt with the evil elites, wear the mask, if on the other hand you are on the right, no: first because you don’t do it and therefore all you don’t drink this CoVid frame; secondly because you are a type that must never ask and in any case you have the physique to resist any disease, even one who kills them in bunches; third, because no one can tell you what to do anyway.

It happens in Italy, at the rallies of Salvini and Meloni, it happens in Brazil, where Jair Bolsonaro, positive to CoVid, refuses to wear the mask saying it is “a fagot stuff”happens in the United States, where wearing or not wearing the mask is, in fact, a declaration of vote and, in principle, those who vote for Donald Trump does not put it, whoever votes for Joe Biden, Yup. To feed this Manichaean division of the world was Donald Trump who, until last July 1, has always said that he has no intention of wearing any mask and that, a few weeks ago, he quarreled with a Reuters journalist guilty of wearing one.

Among the thousand consequences of this ideologization of what, after all, is nothing more than a piece of cloth hanging on the ears that serves to limit the possibility of taking or transmitting the CoVid, there is not only the vertical increase of cases of illness in America, but also the daily difficulty of the lives of thousands of shop assistants, waiters, bartenders.

Their position, uncomfortable and difficult, but above all surreal, tells the story Washington Post, which collected testimonials from retail workers from across the country. In practice, the newspaper explains, in the absence of federal laws and in the confusion of state laws (also influenced by the color and opinions of individual governors) workers, from supermarket cashiers to Starbucks clerks, find themselves not only having to enter in contact with thousands of people every day, but also having to force their customers to wear one.

The answers they receive are often of vibrant and indignant rejection, laden with Trumpian pride. Answers that transcend and go beyond the mere health issue and the elementary nature of the rule “there is a sign that says to put on a mask, so put on a mask”, but they lead to much more thorny identity and political issues.

“In recent weeks – writes the Washington Post – retail workers have been punched in the face, have remedied broken bones and have even been killed, as happened to a vigilantes in a Family Dollar shop in Michigan”.

So to the health damage of the CoVid is added, as for the past six months now, the mockery of the discretion of attitudes and treatments. And to the devastation caused by the disease, we add that of the end of the truth, of the opinions that are all valid, even when they are in the air. And the bill, in the end, of the CoVid as if they were passed off as point of view, those who sit on the front lines always pay, whether they are nurses or waiters in a fast food restaurant. With one difference: at CoVid, sooner or later, it is certain that a cure or vaccine will be found. It is said not to be found also for the political chaos of the last few years.

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