United States, 4.5 million jobs created in June alone. And now Trump rejoices


Rome, July 2 – Galloping Coronavirus and Black lives matter protests. The trust of Americans in Donald Trumpin recent months, it seemed suddenly collapsed. So, in view of the presidential elections in the autumn, a large part of the international media has started the usual tourbillon of predictions (usually punctually wrong): the tycoon is finished, passed off, will not be re-elected. We, on the other hand, who do not have certainties in this case, tend to be cautious given the unpredictability of the vote in the United States and the sudden upheavals that often overturn the current political scenarios. Proof of this is the important point marked today by the US president, with data on the economy that inevitably pushed him to exultation.

The US numbers

Only in June, in fact, 4.8 million places have been created in the United States of work despite the severe crisis caused by the coronavirus. A decidedly surprising increase, which doubles that equally important in May (2.5 million jobs created). It is true that in the meantime in the US, since the beginning of the epidemic, about 22 million jobs have been lost, a record slump due in particular to the black month of April: 20.5 million jobs lost. Yet analysts had expected a rise of no more than 3 million units in June. Instead, the States have generated almost 2 million more than expected. Now the unemployment rate dropped to 11.1%, compared to 13.5% in May and 14.7% in April.

Trump exults: “Fantastic numbers”

The American economy is roaring again after the virus, we have created 5 million new jobsTrump exulted at the press conference. “Financial markets have begun to overcome the coronavirus crisis,” said the White House leader. “Other good numbers, fantastic numbers, will come in the coming months because we have reopened America,” said the US president again, specifying that now “stocks on the stock market are flying with +18 percent in the last quarter, the most high of the last twenty years ”.

Is Trump getting excessively excited? It may be, however, also the tycoon it is not famous for its calm expressions and for a certain caution in the forecasts. So he insists and, crystal ball in hand, he raises: “2021 will be a historic year, incredible for jobs and growth “. But these “are not numbers invented by me” and the post-Covid economic recovery “is not luck but is due to a great talent”.

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