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driving lesson. Illustration

driving lesson. IllustrationPhoto: istock

About 60,000 tenth-graders will take the e-theory test prior to the issuance of the driver’s license.

The first date is today (Sunday) and the second date is expected to be July 22. This is double the number of examinees last year.

The examination of the theory is the culmination of a dedicated program led by the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Licensing Authority, the Ralvad and the Ministry of Transportation, to promote road safety and improve the driving culture in Israel.

To receive the exemption, students will be required to correctly answer 24 of 30 questions that will deal with, among other things, traffic law, knowledge of road signs, rules of conduct on the road, road safety and knowledge of the vehicle and its operation.

In order to improve the students’ readiness for the exam, a database of 600 questions in Hebrew and Arabic was compiled, and a new mobile application was launched through which the questions can be practiced, exam attempts made, and receive a grade and feedback for the exam.

The exam will be conducted online, using the electronic testing environment iTest, developed by Volley – the Center for Educational Technology for the Ministry of Education.

In order to prevent copying, four exam formulas were formulated, which will be randomly drawn by the system. All versions are translated into five languages ​​(Arabic, English, Russian, Spanish and French) and the student may choose the language in which he or she prefers to be tested.

The exams are tested using an automatic scoring system that has also been developed in the barrage, and the results are passed on to the Marvad, the school principals, and the licensing office.

These advanced tools allow policymakers to monitor the conduct of the exam so for example – they can know at any given moment how many examinees started the exam, how many of them have already sent it to serve, what percentage of success or failure in each of the wordings or questions, and segment the data According to various parameters such as sector, gender, institution symbol and more.

Yossi Bidetz, CEO of Forex: ” The iTest environment was developed at the Center for Educational Technology and is currently used in the electronic matriculation exams in geography, biology, chemistry, history, the Bible, the Hebrew language, and more. This environment allows the adaptation of the exams to the 21st century, by enriching the exams with advanced media components, simulations, animations, interactive maps, etc. This system makes it possible to expand the trend of using electronic exams and adapting it to an era in which distance learning becomes increasingly central.

Education Minister Yoav Galant: “E-theory exams greatly facilitate the process of issuing a driver’s license, in an accessible and convenient way, and are part of a broad program we are leading to promote road safety. About 60,000 students are expected to be tested this year, double last year. We launched a new practice app, which included over 600 sample questions.

“Traffic education studies promote the driving culture in Israel, they include aspects of driving fatigue, social pressure, distraction and dangers in alcohol consumption, and I wish all examinees success,” Galant added.

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