Uncertain future for the cinema in Piteå


Stefan Gustafsson, who runs a cinema in Piteå, says that the number of visitors since the new opening has been small, despite great demand from people who wanted to go to the cinema. He thinks it may have something to do with people being worried about how safe a show can be. According to him, there should be no danger as you instead spread the customers in the salon.
– There is plenty of space. It is safe to go to the cinema, even under the corona.

Worried about the cinema’s future

Stefan Gustafsson chose to start the business again when he felt that there were enough new attractive films to show, and because money needs to come into the business after three and a half months of silence.

But even if the screenings have now started again, larger films would be needed to attract the 49 people needed to fill the seats allowed during the pandemic. And although he is optimistic, he admits that there is some concern for the cinema’s future.
– There is no industry that manages without its customer base.

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