Ubisoft CEO canceled King Arthur game because he doesn’t like fantasy


  Why are Ubisoft games mainly military shooters, and not fantrasy games, for example?  According to Bloomberg, because ex-CEO Serge Hascoët had no interest in fantasy and fired every idea in the genre, including a King Arthur game.

</p><div>Serge Hascoët, ex-CEO of Ubisoft, single-handedly canceled a King Arthur game because he didn't like the setting.  Bloomberg reports.</div><div><div id="rs-1595941451949" class="rs-snippet rs-snippet__paragraph rs-snippet__paragraph--default rs-snippet__paragraph--default"><p>The rpg was called 'Avalon' internally at Ubisoft and would revolve around King Arthur and his knights.  In 2018, Dragon Age director Mike Laidlaw was brought to the studio for the project, but left a year later.  According to several Ubisoft employees, Hascoët would not like fantasy games and should the game only be released if it was 'better than Tolkien'.

It is quite unusual for a CEO to have the power to cancel a game himself. According to several anonymous contributors, Hascoët regularly shut out employees and shot down ‘ideas with potential’, including other fantasy games.

In addition, according to Bloomberg, development has already progressed, with a cooperative multiplayer mode similar to the Monster Hunter games. The development team found it ‘shocking’ that the game was suddenly canceled. Even after pitching new ideas, the laidlaw team did not get the green light.

Serge Hascoët recently left Ubisoft on charges of sexual misconduct, along with CFO Maxime Béland and editorial director Tommy François. Spoke last week Ubisoft employees expresses himself about the situation at the developer.

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