Tzipi Refaeli asked the court to prevent the arrival of media people


Tzipi Refaeli This morning (Sunday) she submitted to the court a request to prevent the arrival of photographers and media people for a hearing that is expected to take place tomorrow, just before she enters the Neve Tirza prison. Remember, the businesswoman and mother of Bar Refaeli Who was convicted of tax offenses as part of a plea deal, is expected to serve 16 months of actual imprisonment. Tzipi Refaeli will appear tomorrow (Monday) in a court hearing on the plea deal, which will determine, among other things, when she will begin serving her sentence.

Tzipi Refaeli (Photo: Adir Asraf)

But Rafaeli, who underwent heart surgery last month and was hospitalized, asked the court in light of her medical condition to prevent photographers and media people from coming to the courtroom to prevent a crowd that could endanger her following the corona virus.

Due to her medical condition, Refaeli is in a population at risk and therefore demanded that there be no gatherings around her. It is not clear whether this is a legitimate request that will be accepted, as there is no way to prevent media people from arriving outside the place.

Bar Refaeli, Tzipi Refaeli (Photo: Shuka Cohen)Bar Refaeli, Tzipi Refaeli (Photo: Shuka Cohen)

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