Tzipi and Bar Refaeli pleaded guilty and were convicted of tax offenses


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םילום: Avshalom Sassoni / Flash90

Despite Tzipi Refaeli’s request to hold a limited hearing, today (Monday) dozens of photographers and the media were waiting in the Magistrate’s Court in Tel Aviv, where the hearing regarding Tzipi and Bar Refaeli’s tax offenses took place.

At today’s hearing, the plea deal was approved in which they and their daughter were convicted of a series of tax offenses. Following this, Tzipi is expected to serve 16 months of actual imprisonment, while Bar is expected to serve service jobs and pay a fine.

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Last month, Tzipi Refaeli was hospitalized at Tel Hashomer Hospital for a series of tests and a pre-planned medical procedure. Following this, Tzipi requested a limited hearing and an option for pardon, due to her medical condition.

As part of the agreement signed with the Tel Aviv Tax and Economics Prosecutor’s Office, Bar Refaeli will be convicted of mitigating tax offenses and will want 9 months of actual imprisonment to be served by way of community service in addition to a fine of NIS 2,500,000. While her mother Tzipi Refaeli will be convicted of serious tax offenses and will want 9 months of actual imprisonment in addition to a fine of the same amount.

םילום: Avshalom Sassoni / Flash90

As part of the settlement reached by the parties, the two will remove any appeal and omissions relating to the tax assessment received, and then close the criminal investigations in their case as well as the investigation file against Father Rafi Refaeli and Leib On Ltd.

In 2017, businesswoman presenter Bar Refaeli was arrested for the first time by the Tax Authority on suspicion of non-reporting and tax evasion of her income abroad. Most of the discussions in the case dealt with the question of the defendant’s connection to Israel..

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