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Honorary President of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) Leonid Tyagachev commented in an interview with RT about the death of the author of the image of a teddy bear – the mascot of the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow Viktor Chizhikov.

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  • RIA Novosti

“There is an organizing committee, which at that time was given a lot of sketches, what symbols should be and why the bear. It was a whole lot of reasoning, maybe even controversy. In the struggle, in large discussions, it was determined – and this sign of the bear was approved by a large composition of participants. And it turned out that Chizhikov won, ”Tyagachev said.

He also noted that everyone was impressed by the closing ceremony of the 1980 Summer Olympics.

“The closing scenario, and when the bear flew away, and half of the stadium cried and remembered … Everyone remembered this, not only the members of the USSR national team, but, most importantly, the whole world and the audience were conquered,” he concluded.

People’s Artist of Russia, author of the image of a bear cub – the mascot of the 1980 Summer Olympic Games in Moscow, Viktor Chizhikov, died at the age of 85.

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