Two suspects were arrested for assaulting a police officer and journalists during a demonstration in Balfour


Two young men who took part in the stormy protest in front of the prime minister’s residence in Jerusalem about two weeks ago were arrested today (Monday) on suspicion of assaulting a police officer during violent clashes that broke out between demonstrators and police during the demonstration. One of the detainees is also suspected of assaulting a News 13 team that covered the demonstration.

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The detainees, young people aged 19 and 29, are suspected of being involved in assaulting a police officer who was in civilian clothes while making an arrest. The officer was attacked by rioters who tried to disrupt the arrest and sought medical treatment with a serious leg injury. Police investigators opened an investigation that night with the aim of identifying the attackers and after carrying out a number of investigative actions, arrested them.

Protesters set torches in front of the Prime Minister’s residence | Photo: N12

Tomorrow, the suspects will be brought to the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court for a hearing on a request to extend their detention. The police said that they “take seriously the assault of police officers and uniformed men in general, as well as the assault of media people working in the various centers to cover the incidents. The police will use all the tools and means available to us, as we did in this case.”

In a demonstration that took place about two weeks ago in front of the prime minister’s residence in Jerusalem, violent clashes broke out between demonstrators and police, including attempts by protesters to break through police checkpoints and enter the residence’s compound.

In front of the center, about 2,000 demonstrators gathered as part of the “black flags” protest against public corruption. Crowds of protesters marched towards the prime minister’s residence holding torches in their hands and shouting “Bibi home!”. At one point, the winds and dozens of army protesters raged on the checkpoints of the prime minister’s residence in an attempt to film them. Some of the protesters were documented throwing eggs at police officers. Some of the rioting protesters were arrested.

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