Two rioters were arrested in protest in Jerusalem, the PLO flag was lowered by the police


As part of the protest in Jerusalem, a group of demonstrators who arrived at the intersection of Ben Zvi / Bezalel streets blocked traffic there. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Meanwhile, police arrested two rioters who tried to incite and agitate the rest of the protesters.

The demonstrators in the area of ​​the Paris Square junction tried to march in the direction of the city center while one of them was seen waving a PLO flag apparently in order to stir it up, and it was lowered. Police forces deployed there, prevented the procession from taking place.

The police said: “The Israel Police allows the continuation of the protest now at the intersection of Paris Square, but will not allow a violation of public order and disruption of routine life and public peace.”

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