Two cases a day: a toddler and a girl were forgotten in the vehicle and evacuated to the hospital


In the last hour, the medical teams of the Rescue Union were called to two cases of him being in a vehicle for a long time in Modi’in Illit and Beer Yaakov.

Itzik Mishkovsky, a paramedic from the Rescue Union who provided first aid in Be’er Ya’akov, said: “When we arrived at the scene, we came across a 5-year-old girl who, according to family members, had been in the vehicle for a long time. We provided her with first aid.

In Modi’in Illit, Shmuel Rosengarten, head of the Ihud Hatzalah branch in Modi’in Illit, said: “We are a 7-month-old toddler who stayed in a car for a long time and was taken to a residential apartment. After the initial assistance, she was evacuated to Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer.”

The Rescue Union’s Spokes and Information Division is once again calling for strict safety and precautionary guidelines and not to leave children or toddlers unattended in vehicles, not even for a moment. Care and adherence to safety rules will prevent unnecessary disasters especially on these hot days.

Recall that the coming week is expected to be an extreme heat load in most parts of the country, and temperatures will reach 44 degrees in the east of the country.

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