Two batches of cocaine intercepted in Rotterdam


Customs intercepted two parties of cocaine during various inspections in the port of Rotterdam. It was a total of 242 kilos.

The first batch was hidden in a container loaded with orange pulp. That container arrived last Wednesday in a sea-going vessel from Santos (Brazil) and was destined for a company in Rotterdam. Hidden behind a wall was 30 kilos of cocaine.

The other batch was found later today in a container loaded with printer ink. That container also arrived last Wednesday with a sea-going vessel from Paranagua (Brazil) and was destined for a company in Germany. We contained 11 sports bags with a total of 212 kilos of cocaine in the container.

The drugs have since been destroyed. The receiving companies probably have nothing to do with drug trafficking. Customs estimates the street value of the cocaine at over 18 million euros.

The HARC team, a partnership of Customs, FIOD, seaport police and the Public Prosecution Service in Rotterdam, is investigating the matter further.

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