Twitter Will Block Accounts Spreading Conspiracy Theories of QAnon | NOW


Twitter accounts that refer to QAnon’s conspiracy theories and violate company rules will be permanently blocked by Twitter, the social media company said on Tuesday via its own security account.

The QAnon movement is spreading, among other things, the conspiracy theory that an American elite would seek to overthrow President Donald Trump’s government. The movement is particularly pro-Trump.

Twitter is going to permanently block accounts of users who post online through multiple accounts simultaneously, accounts that coordinate offense against individuals, and accounts that attempt to circumvent a previous suspension.

Content from QAnon will also no longer be promoted by Twitter, and web addresses affiliated with the group can no longer be shared.

Twitter has already deleted more than seven thousand accounts

The measures will be introduced in the coming week. According to Twitter, some 150,000 accounts worldwide will be affected. In the past week, the company has already removed over 7,000 accounts for violating corporate rules regarding spam, platform manipulation, and suspension evasion.

In early May, Facebook announced that it had removed some pages and QAnon affiliate accounts. Later that month, Google removed three apps that found QAnon related messages.

Trump regularly shares messages from QAnon

QAnon has its origins in the controversial forum 4chan and from there spread to include 8chan and common social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. Trump has shared QAnon-linked posts on Twitter multiple times.

The QAnon conspiracy theories have led to multiple incidents. One of the best known is ‘pizza gate’. A man who believed children were being held in the basement of a pizza restaurant in Washington fired shots in December 2016 to investigate the conspiracy theory with his own hands. The restaurant has no cellar.

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