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Dear Leo Turrini, is it worse for someone like you to be a Ferrari driver or an Inter player?
“Horrible summer! As Woody Allen said, well, Christ is dead, Marx is dead and neither I, Binotto and Conte feel so well. “Where do we start from?
“From the very close topical Rossa. To the technological disaster, which was now cleared, was also added the excess of exuberance of Carletto in the second Austrian race. And goodnight”.

Is it all Leclerc’s fault for the accident that started with Vettel?
“Sure, the Prince of Monte Carlo admitted immediately. He was wrong and I let you imagine what he would have said if it was the German who had triggered the double elimination. Stoned! Boiled! Rancorous! Instead, he touched the boy. ”

Maybe the team atmosphere is not good.
“Eh, it’s not the first episode, Vettel and Leclerc just don’t take it, there’s no chemistry between them. Water and oil, here. It is as if CR7 did not pass the ball to Dybala and vice versa. But this is the least, trust me “.

What do you mean?
“In the sense that the car just isn’t there, it’s a project to do it. There is not even John Elkann, the president of the Cavallino: not received, like the temperature of Ulan Bator. And in the end the poor Binotto is alone, he has no interlocutors. And it shows, unfortunately. Against a giant like Mercedes. But keep up with the Alpha Tauri, come on … “.

A dark picture.
In short, the last winning Ferrari had a leader as president, that is Montezemolo. He had the resources, he had great technicians, obviously he had Schumi. The Fiat shareholder was keen to win, etc. Now, I don’t see anything comparable. Ferrari is not a company like any other, it is not CNN or Comau. It has a soul, a story. Either you love it and you know it, or just look at the listing on the stock exchange. After that, you sink into the track. ”

Maybe it would take Andrea Agnelli president in Maranello.
“And maybe yes. He worked for the Red in his youth, I know he is fond of the subject. But it’s up to Juve and then there are dynamics too abstruse for ordinary mortals “.In the meantime, Juve has won its ninth league title.
“It was inevitable. Playing every three days post pandemic, with the heat that is there, Lazio did not have a staff to stand up to the comparison. In fact, he has lost four games since this strange league started again. Except everyone talks about Conte, who has lost one ”.

Well, but he too …
“Oh, listen, I as a fan understand the disillusionment and imagine if I’m happy for the fool with Bologna. Then maybe the Beloved also scores zero points with Toro and Spal, but it is true that there is always a frightening media exaggeration around Inter. Not from today. So the real question is another: will Conte manage the pressure? Or will he give up too? ”

Do you have a prediction on this?
“No. Alone, I would advise the Inter players to stop with the coach of the Juventus black and white. Trapattoni from which bench did he come? And isn’t Sarri going to win with Juve? ”.

by Daniela Bertoni

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