Turin, operation against a network of pedophiles with arrests all over Italy


A blitz at dawn led to unmasking a network of pedophiles who used a well-known messaging platform to exchange child pornography. Over two hundred investigators from the national center for the fight against online child pornography and the Turin postal police have been involved in what is called the largest operation in recent years in the fight against online child pornography, with the coordination of the Turin prosecutor’s office.50 searches and arrests were made in 15 Italian regions, for detention, dissemination and in some cases, the production of child pornography. The capillary investigation activity, conducted also through real virtual stalking, has allowed to give a certain identity to the nicknames used on the net by pedophiles, bringing them to the open and out of the anonymity of the network.
The quantity of seized files containing creepy images of child abuse, depicting real sadistic practices where the victims were also babies, was huge.

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